Git Time Metric

If you need to track your time and understand how you are spending it. GTM makes this easy.


To get started, install the GTM executable and a plugin for your favorite editor. To enable time tracking for a Git project simply run gtm init within the project's root directory. That's it, you can now go on with your important work.


Go ahead and do some work. No need to remember to start and stop timers. GTM knowns when you are working and does it for you.


GTM lets you work at full throttle. You will not experience any lag or interruptions. The GTM process only runs intermittently to capture the time spent.

Gain insights on where you invest time

$ gtm report -today -author Schenk

7129f00 Remove post processing of status
Fri Sep 09 20:45:03 2016 -0500 gtm-vim-plugin Michael Schenk

       20m 40s  53% [m] plugin/gtm.vim
       18m  5s  46% [r] Terminal
           15s   1% [m] .gitignore
       39m  0s          gtm-vim-plugin 
$ gtm report -format timeline-hours -last-week -author Schenk

Sat Oct 08 |                                                          ▃▃▃             |
Sun Oct 09 |                      ▁▁▁   █████████▃▃▃██████▂▂▂   ▂▂▂                   |
Tue Oct 11 |                                                       ▂▂▂         ▂▂▂    |
Fri Oct 14 |                                     ▂▂▂                                  |
Sat Oct 15 |                            ███▇▇▇███▇▇▇███▁▁▁▇▇▇▂▂▂▁▁▁▃▃▃▆▆▆███▇▇▇       |
$ gtm report -yesterday -format files

    2h 29m 40s  33%
    1h 45m 54s  24%  report/report.go
    1h 35m  0s  21%  Terminal
    1h  2m 54s  14%  report/query.go
       13m 55s   3%  report/timeline.go
       12m 45s   3%  report/templates.go
        5m  0s   1%  command/report.go
        1m 12s   0%  main.go
           40s   0%  note/note.go
    7h 27m  0s

Available Editor Plugins

Stay tuned, more are on the way

Getting Started

Consult the README and Wiki for more information.